Why You Should Choose Metal Jewelry Over Plastic and Costume Jewelry

Metal jewelry goes the distance. Sure, plastic will outlive us all, but, jewelry made out of silver and gold will last longer. Have you ever seen an heirloom necklace that was made of plastic molding? With the exception of fake pearls? That’s a no. Handing down Catholic jewelry like a timeless earring and necklace or a brilliant ring is a rite of passage and a symbolic gesture that signifies the closeness between two people.

Metal jewelry isn’t a fad. Fads come and go by the second. So why even think about investing your hard earned money in plastic? Do you remember the 80s? That was a time when plastic earrings and necklaces adorned every mall. So did regret (years later)! Investing in God is never going to be a regret. Wear beautifully made gold or silver Christian Jewelry instead of fake costume jewelry. Show your devotion to the word of God by dressing up in pieces that were created to last.

Metal jewelry maintains its quality. When you wear jewelry inspired by God, do you want it to look gaudy or less than stellar? Of course not! Cheap jewelry will do when you’re on a budget, but you are going to want to own traditional pieces like a cross that are made with quality and care. Costume jewelry can be made to last for a little time (hello prom) but will quickly fade, rust, bend, or fall apart.

Metal jewelry will save you money. Buying quality jewelry will save you from having to keep replacing missing earrings (sometimes it’s out of our hands, we know), unbending warped rings, or repairing necklaces.

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