Why You Should Choose Metal Jewelry Over Plastic and Costume Jewelry

Metal jewelry goes the distance. Sure, plastic will outlive us all, but, jewelry made out of silver and gold will last longer. Have you ever seen an heirloom necklace that was made of plastic molding? With the exception of fake pearls? That’s a no. Handing down Catholic jewelry like a timeless earring and necklace or a brilliant ring is a rite of passage and a symbolic gesture that signifies the closeness between two people.

Metal jewelry isn’t a fad. Fads come and go by the second. So why even think about investing your hard earned money in plastic? Do you remember the 80s? That was a time when plastic earrings and necklaces adorned every mall. So did regret (years later)! Investing in God is never going to be a regret. Wear beautifully made gold or silver Christian Jewelry instead of fake costume jewelry. Show your devotion to the word of God by dressing up in pieces that were created to last.

Metal jewelry maintains its quality. When you wear jewelry inspired by God, do you want it to look gaudy or less than stellar? Of course not! Cheap jewelry will do when you’re on a budget, but you are going to want to own traditional pieces like a cross that are made with quality and care. Costume jewelry can be made to last for a little time (hello prom) but will quickly fade, rust, bend, or fall apart.

Metal jewelry will save you money. Buying quality jewelry will save you from having to keep replacing missing earrings (sometimes it’s out of our hands, we know), unbending warped rings, or repairing necklaces.

Best designer handbags 2017

When you want to have the best handbag hanging off your arm, it can be hard to know just which one you should choose. Luckily Dev Randhawa has come up with the best of the best when it comes to handbags in 2017.

Gucci’s Marmont Belt Bag

No this isn’t a fanny pack. It turns out that belt bags are becoming all the rage. In 2017, the Gucci Marmont Belt bag officially became the cream of the crop. The quilted style and/or the velvet colors the company offers are grabbing attention all over the world.

Balenciaga’s Triangle Bag

If you are looking for a bag that is going to stand out from the pack, then you can’t go wrong with Balenciaa’s Triangle look. The best thing about this bag is that it’s not only a fashion statement, but when you stand it on a surface, you are making an artistic statement as well.

J.W.Anderson’s Ribbon Pierce Bag

If you are going to get a bag that makes a fashion statement, then you might as well go all out. The Ribbon Pierce bag does that in spades. There’s the interesting front buckle as well as the ribbons draped all over the bag to really help you make a fashion statement.

Sophie Hulme’s Catch Bag

When you are looking for something you can tuck under your arm and still make a statement, then you need to go with this Catch bag. There’s something very old world about the look of this one.


How We Can Make Clothing More Sustainable

The simple switch from factory farmed and sourced clothing to boys and girls organic pajamas can go a long way toward helping to save the environment. That’s because organic farming uses methods that are more sustainable, and offer a safer alternative to kid’s clothing. Here are some of the changes we can make at the consumer level to help build a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Farming

The cotton that is grown on organic farms is grown without the use of chemical pesticides. Instead, farmers practice crop rotation, and use alternative means to provide some pest control measures. Crops may be a bit more expensive to grow this way, but the price of kids organic cotton pajamas is starting to equalize with brand names.

Parents have a choice between a toxic and non-toxic brand of clothing, so the choice is fairly obvious once the costs are equalized.

Consuming Less

A hallmark of organic living is that you consume less, and you live a healthier lifestyle. Kids outgrow girls and boys organic pajamas fairly quickly, so parents buy fewer clothes for each stage of life. This also creates less clothing waste, in addition to the environmental benefits of sustainable and organic farming.

Buying Organic

Buying organic is about making a choice for healthier living. It means you’re consciously deciding to put fewer toxins into your body, and on the clothes you and your children wear. These toxins can cause harmful respiratory problems, but buying organic reduces these risks.

Bio: KoraVera sells ultra-clean and truly organic clothing that has been certified. To order kids organic pajamas online, contact KoraVera.

Great Jewellery Ideas

There are some great jewellery ideas out there that may have evaded you in the past, but there is no time like the present to incorporate the following great jewellery ideas into your personal sense of style.

Stud Earrings

One of the easiest ways to transform a look is with stud earrings. With so many variations and emblems that can be attached to them, there is the choice to go with a demure option or opt for a bolder statement stud.

Sweeping Earring

The direct antithesis of the stud earring, sweeping earrings are anything but subtle and demand to be noticed from oversized hoops, waterfall danglers, shoulder-dusting drops, and more. These earrings are destined for red carpet events where they can truly realize their potential.

Alternative Bridal

With everyone looking to place their own unique spin on wedding ceremonies these days, alternative bridal designs are veering from traditional engagement rings to more original cocktail rings or wide bands that custom designed for the special occasion.


The 90s are back with the choker, a simple option that has graduated from its grunge beginnings to a more upscale look in the new millennium.

Lapel Pins

One of the more popular ways to capture pop culture references is through lapel pins that make for effective accessories that speak volumes without saying a word. Not only can they be adorned on clothes, but they also work well on other accessories such as bags, skirts, and even shoes.

Article submitted by Christian.Jewelry. Offering Christian jewelry in Silver and Gold, such as cross pendants, necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets and chains.

Men’s Accessories We Don’t Often Think About

Whoever thinks about tie bars? Not many, these days, but they used to be a critical piece of men’s fashion. Investing in a nice one makes a statement without being too overblown. Attention to detail can create incredible looks for men, so read on for some advice on which accessories you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

The Pocket Square

The simple pocket square is more of a statement piece, and it’s becoming more popular to wear one. They are truly timeless, and they go with any blazer or sport jacket. Try different colors, and look for different patterns too. You’ll find them to be very versatile once you start wearing them, and they can go with a lot of casual outfits as well.

The Briefcase

If you haven’t thought about getting a briefcase, you’re missing out on a quintessential part of men’s fashion. The briefcase is the perfect replacement for the backpack, which only becomes less fashionable and mature the older that you grow. Reserve backpacks for hiking or outdoors activities. At work, the briefcase makes you look fashionable and holds all of your important things.

The Tie

You might think you wear ties at formal events, how come they made the list? The truth is most men don’t wear ties enough (and some don’t even tie them properly). First, make sure you know a double Windsor knot. It’s basic, but it’s timeless. Next, start your day’s wardrobe by picking out a tie and see what you can fit into the ensemble.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a men’s fashion blogger based out of New York. For more indispensible men’s fashion tips, follow Dev Randhawa.

Three Compelling Reasons to Switch to Organic Pajamas for Your Kids

Wondering what all the chatter is about kids organic pajamas? Do these fabrics really make a difference, and are they worth the switch to the organic lifestyle? Once you’ve seen some of the benefits for yourself, you’ll be able to see why more parents are finding organic the way to go for pajamas, bedding and more.


Factory farming isn’t sustainable, and mass production has led to inequality all across the world. Buying kids organic cotton pajamas, organic foods and other organic products is your way of encouraging more businesses to create sustainable business models that can grow with our population.

Health Benefits

Inorganic clothing and bedding is treated with chemicals for a variety of reasons, including harmful dyes. Bedding and mattresses may have harmful flame retardant chemicals applied too. Typically, this is done in good faith. Not maliciously, but buying boys and girls organic pajamas reduces the exposure to these chemicals. That lowers risks for asthma and other respiratory diseases.


Organic does cost more, and girls or boys organic pajamas are just one of many potential items out there. That’s why the organic lifestyle is so important. Even wealthy people are forced to pick and choose. Living organic means reducing clutter, and living a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle.

As a final thought, consider taking the time to seek out fair trade products. Fair trade organic cotton can directly impact local communities most in need, funding the construction of important infrastructure they need to survive. If you can, encourage retailers to buy fair trade and support fair trade companies.

Bio: KoraVera is a kids organic pajamas clothing line dedicated to doing good in the world. At KoraVera, you can find truly clean sleepwear designed for young children.

cheap Beauty Products

Save Money on These 5 Beauty Products You Don’t Really Need

Article Written by : GelConet

Sometimes investing in skin care can really be worth it—and you’ll see the payoff looking right back at you in your mirror. But as happens with stocks, there are lots of bad skincare investments, money spent on stuff that is either minimally useful or completely useless. Here’s a look at 4 cosmetics products that don’t really help much with beauty concerns.

HAND CREAM. We all like it, it feels good and smells good, no doubt. But you don’t need a specific cream just for your hands. Any body lotion will be just as good—and smell just as nice, point out the skin care scientists at Adore Cosmetics.

ARGAN OIL. While it has vitamin E in it, lots of products out there also have vitamin E and cost a lot less. In addition, the heavy amounts of oleic acid can block your skin’s pores and cause blackheads.

FACIAL MISTS. Celebrities use Evian or some other fancy-schmancy water brand and supposed antioxidants in the water for some extra magic. If they want to overpay for plain old water and a couple of substances that won’t even reach your skin, that’s their concern. But you can get the same exact effect as them with $1.50 spray bottle and tap water with a drop or two of essential oils, claim Adore Cosmetics researchers.

LIP SCRUBS. You can give yourself a lip scrub with a toothbrush or wet washcloth—you don’t need a $100 cream to do this.

SNAKE VENOM. Ok, take some time to read the name of the substance again: snake venom. Since when have you ever heard “venom” of any kind as being good for the skin…or anything else? And no, we could not find studies in dermatology journals showing that the ingredients in snake venom creams actually reduce wrinkles or help skin in any verifiable way.

Tips to Buy Clothes Online

tips-to-buy-clothes-onlineThere are several tips for buying clothing online that will fit you properly. The best ways to find online shopping deals is by using the internet’s search engines to find clothing stores that will let you sign up for emails about special sales. After you sign up, your first email will probably include a percentage off of your order in addition to free shipping. There is usually a code number that you must use while filling your shopping bag, but you must make sure to type this number into your order to get your discount.

Have the Correct Measurements

When you are discount shopping for clothing, make sure to have your measurements written down to check the store’s size chart. Each clothing manufacturer uses a different sizing system, and by having your measurements, it is easier to order the correct size to avoid returning a shirt, slacks or coat. In some cases, a store has reviews from other customers concerning a particular garment, and these reviews can provide valuable information about how a blouse or sweater might fit.

Look For Special Codes

If you want to save more money, then look for a discount website that has shopping codes for your favorite clothing store. Write these codes down to compare the percentages and rules in order to maximize your savings. Some of these codes will expire within a few days, or you cannot use the codes on merchandise that is on sale or clearance.

At the Costbuys discount website, you can order recurring monthly shipments direct to your doorstep and save buying in bulk.

6 Beauty Brands Celebrities Adore

tata-harperWhen it comes to beauty products, celebrities can have their pick. That’s why their recommendations carry so much clout. When asked about their top choices, here are some brands that come up over and over among celebs.

Beautycounter: Christy Coleman’s line is free of any ingredients that are potentially toxic or cancer-causing–something celebrities really like. A fan of the entire line, Connie Britton of Nashville particularly likes Beautycounter’s lip sheer in “Petal,” which moisturizes and conditions lips while giving just the right amount of color.

Tata Harper: All products are 100 percent natural and nontoxic, which make the Tata Harper line a favorite among celebs. Gwyneth Paltrow raves about the Tata Harper lightweight hydrating floral mist as a way to instantly tone and plump skin.

Revlon: Of the less expensive drugstore brands, Revlon ranks up as a favorite among celebs. For example, Halle Barre loves Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss in Nude Lustre. And Jessica Alba swears by Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Click 2.

Eve Lom: A favorite among Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, and Cate Blanchett, Czech-born Eve Lom ‘s brand advocates a holistic approach to skincare. Her regimen includes a lymphatic drainage facial massage to sculpt and decongest.

Erno Laslo: Aubrey Hepburn once said, “50 percent of my beauty I owe to my mother, 50 percent to Erno Laszlo.” More current celebs like Zac Posen and Nicole Kidman are also big fans. One of the most popular products is the Deep Sea Mud Cleansing Bar, which has been washing faces for more than 60 years. 

Crème de la Mer: When asked for their favorite brands, this one comes up repeatedly among celebs. Amanda Bynes raves about the Moisturizing Gel Cream for instant skin-firming. Christina Applegate warms it between her fingers and pats it onto her face, neck, and under her eyes.

About Adore Cosmetics
Adore Organic Innovation uses a range of natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology that leverages the power of plant stem cells to formulate products that enhance the skin’s appearance by helping eliminate lines, wrinkles, dark circles and other skin problems.


You can also check out the Adore Cosmetics Facebook page.

handmade Jewelry

Making your own Jewelry

kz121-2Article Written by : My Cherry Pop

There are several ways to say thank you to your loved ones. It might be with flowers, by baking a cake or by offering a gift that you know the person would incredibly enjoy. If your loved one likes to make their own jewelry, a good personal gift would be to offer jewelry making supplies or to craft jewelries yourself.

Making your own jewelry is a fun and gratifying activity. To make the perfect gift hamper, you can add a pair of Regaliz Leather as well as some beads and findings, ideal for making DIY bracelets of different designs and colors. If your loved one is a DIY fan, you can be sure that you would be receiving a gift of a brand new handmade bracelet to wear soon. These kind of gifts would bring you something in return for sure. Continue reading