What makes the chestnut cream at the Angelina Tearoom so special

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

The Angelina Tearoom is also known for its unique chestnut cream. It provides a really unique and delicate flavor to the confections. It is especially suitable for all those people who are looking for something more unique than the typical chocolate-based desserts. Its light nutty taste makes the chestnut very versatile, thus making it suitable to be used in both savory and sweet dishes.

At the Angelina Tea House, the chestnut is usually presented quite exquisitely in the Velouté de châtaignes. It is actually a chestnut cream soup that is served in small jug along with summer truffle breakings.

The famous Mont-Blanc pastry is also made of black tea, which is flavored with candied chestnuts, biscuit, toffee, orange blossom, and apricot. Although, it presents a complex flavor profile, the taste of chestnut really shines through.

You should definitely not miss this delectable treat. The Mont-Blanc is considered to be a mouth-watering confection with the chestnut cream, being the main ingredient. Noodles of chestnut cream top a crisp meringue covered in light whipped cream, makes this dessert a great combination of heavenly surprise. It is no wonder Mont Blanc is such a favorite among people. You can also get yourself a jar of chestnut cream, which you can take at home and enjoy this unique treat.

The Angelina Tearoom is definitely a place you will enjoy, if the unique flavor of chestnut fascinates your taste buds and you want to try the chestnut cream in different things.

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