Men’s Accessories We Don’t Often Think About

Whoever thinks about tie bars? Not many, these days, but they used to be a critical piece of men’s fashion. Investing in a nice one makes a statement without being too overblown. Attention to detail can create incredible looks for men, so read on for some advice on which accessories you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

The Pocket Square

The simple pocket square is more of a statement piece, and it’s becoming more popular to wear one. They are truly timeless, and they go with any blazer or sport jacket. Try different colors, and look for different patterns too. You’ll find them to be very versatile once you start wearing them, and they can go with a lot of casual outfits as well.

The Briefcase

If you haven’t thought about getting a briefcase, you’re missing out on a quintessential part of men’s fashion. The briefcase is the perfect replacement for the backpack, which only becomes less fashionable and mature the older that you grow. Reserve backpacks for hiking or outdoors activities. At work, the briefcase makes you look fashionable and holds all of your important things.

The Tie

You might think you wear ties at formal events, how come they made the list? The truth is most men don’t wear ties enough (and some don’t even tie them properly). First, make sure you know a double Windsor knot. It’s basic, but it’s timeless. Next, start your day’s wardrobe by picking out a tie and see what you can fit into the ensemble.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a men’s fashion blogger based out of New York. For more indispensible men’s fashion tips, follow Dev Randhawa.

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